Meester Attorneys

Meester Attorneys

Meester Attorneys has a clear mission: we want to be a leading specialist in tenancy law, business law, labour law, zoning plans and permits, and the best in hospitality industry issues. It is clear that the hospitality industry is where our heart lies. We are advisors to over 3000 national and international hospitality industry clients, from small corner cafés to multinationals. And we want our clients, however large or small, to know us as open and accessible partners who will go to the wall for the achievement of their goals.

We also actively collect and compile legal and non-legal hospitality industry information that we make available to all parties in the sector, because we want to use our special expertise to further the professionalisation of the industry.

Meester Attorneys restricts its activities to the Netherlands, but regularly works for major international companies here. For foreign companies looking to establish themselves or expand here, we can help.

Meester Attorneys represents the interests of professional parties like cafés, restaurants, fast food companies, caterers, parks and estates, theatres, pop music clubs and hotels. One of our particular areas of specialisation is overseeing hotel expansions and takeovers.

At Meester Attorneys, every case is discussed by at least three attorneys. Our very experienced legal specialists pursue a standard full-spectrum approach for every case, including extensive research of applicable case law. Most of our attorneys have worked in government, so we are uniquely positioned to give you a head start in all your permit applications and other procedures.

You, too, can take advantage of the expertise of Meester Attorneys. Want to know how? Contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment.


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